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Wood Furniture

  • Inkstone Table
  • Four-shelved stand
  • Bamboo paper bin
  • Three-tiered cabinet
  • Tray-Table
Bamboo paper bin

Bamboo paper bin竹製紙筒


Used to store rolls of paper, short paper bins could be set atop a document chest or bookcase, while tall ones were placed on the floor. This one is made from seven halved stalks of bamboo, which were joined together in the shape of a flower. The lower part of each stalk was meticulously carved to make the bin narrower at the bottom. The outer surface of the bin was decorated in the style of a folk painting, with an elaborate carved design of auspicious symbols, including rocks, clouds, carp, deer, and pine trees.

Joseon Dynasty, 19th century
H 16.2cm, D 19.0cm (mouth), 16.2cm (base)