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Wood Furniture

  • Inkstone Table
  • Four-shelved stand
  • Bamboo paper bin
  • Three-tiered cabinet
  • Tray-Table



Used for individual dining, tray-tables often had legs delicately carved in the shape of an S, along with various other sculptural adornments. Notably, this tray-table is coated with both red and black lacquer, a style that was reserved exclusively for the Joseon royal court. Confirming its royal status, the tabletop is resplendently decorated with a dragon design, the symbol of a king. In the design, two dragons soar dynamically among the clouds, with a cintamani (an auspicious jewel) between them. Based on the magnificence of the openwork carvings and the dragon design, the table likely served as a dining table for a king, or for ancestral rites in the royal court.

Joseon Dynasty, 19th century
H 32.7cm, W 45.7cm