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Folk Paintings

  • Birds and Flowers
  • Dragon in the Clouds
  • Hunting
  • Tiger and Magpie
  • The Diamond Mountains (Mount Geumgang)
Birds and Flowers

Birds and Flowers花鳥圖八曲屛


Rendered on two adjoining panels, this painting shows a harmonious scene of various birds cavorting among flowering trees, with a rocky hill as the background. As this work demonstrates, bird-and-flower paintings typically followed the style of folk paintings, depicting affectionate pairs of birds among blossoming trees. Such paintings were intended to convey wishes for marital bliss and a happy home. With its detailed description and brilliant colors, this particular painting is considered a masterpiece of the genre, exemplifying the vibrant style of Korean folk paintings.

Joseon Dynasty, 19th Century
Colors on paper
Each leaf 132.8×48.0cm