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Buddhist Art

  • Avalokitesvara on Potalaka
  • Gilt-bronze Seated Buddha
  • Lidded Vessel with Figural Ornaments and Stand
  • Celadon Incense Burner
  • White Porcelain Jar
Gilt-bronze Seated Buddha1



As Avalokitesvara came to be associated with compassion, his original depiction as a male being changed to a more feminine appearance. This piece well illustrate this tendency, with its volume appropriately distributed and its hourglass curves. The figure wears a crown with a seated Buddha image, holding a water bottle with his left hand. The crown and bottle allow us to identify this bodhisattva as a representation of Avalokitesvara. This statue appears to date from the middle of the 8th century.

Unified Silla, 8th Century
Gilt bronze
H 18.1cm
Treasure No.927