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Buddhist Art

  • Avalokitesvara on Potalaka
  • Gilt-bronze Seated Buddha
  • Lidded Vessel with Figural Ornaments and Stand
  • Celadon Incense Burner
  • White Porcelain Jar
Lidded Vessel with Figural Ornaments and Stand1

Avatamsaka Sutra Vol.31۰߲


The Avatamsaka Sutra, considered the most profound scripture of the Mahayana tradition and the basis of the Pure Land belief in the Western Paradise of the Amitabha Buddha, was copied more than any other Buddhist scripture during the Goryeo dynasty. The sutra, executed with gold and silver pigment on indigo-dyed mulberry paper, follows the standard composition and construction, with the exception of tablets, often found before an attached colophon, placed at the beginning. The frontispiece illustration to this volume shows Sudhana, a boy pilgrim, visiting three teachers on his journey in search for the ultimate truth. The meticulous linear illustration fills the entirety of the rectangular panel, avoiding monotony through occasional subtle variations in brush technique.

Goryeo Dynasty, 14th century
Gold Pigments on mulberry paper
Frontispiece 1935.9cm
National Treasure No.215