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Buddhist Art

  • Avalokitesvara on Potalaka
  • Gilt-bronze Seated Buddha
  • Lidded Vessel with Figural Ornaments and Stand
  • Celadon Incense Burner
  • White Porcelain Jar
Celadon Incense Burner1

Incense Burner靑銅銀入絲雲龍文香垸


This is one of the best examples of Goryeo Dynasty incense burners, with its splendid silver-thread inlays. Around the body symmetrically placed in four floral frames are depicted two dragons carrying cintamani (auspicious jewel) and two phoenixes with lotus stem in their beak. Other spaces are filled with images of reeds, ducks, and other decorations commonly found in paintings of flowers, birds, and animals. An inscription at the bottom of one of the base identifies this piece as having been made in either 1229 or 1289.

Goryeo Dynasty, dated 1229(1289)
H 38.1cm
National Treasure No.214