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Buddhist Art

  • Avalokitesvara on Potalaka
  • Gilt-bronze Seated Buddha
  • Lidded Vessel with Figural Ornaments and Stand
  • Celadon Incense Burner
  • White Porcelain Jar
White Porcelain Jar1

Sarira reliquary神龍二年銘舍利莊嚴具


This reliquary set was used to enshrine sarira, which are believed to represent the cremated remains of the Buddha (or other Buddhist masters). The set consists of a gilt-bronze rectangular case, a gilt-bronze hexagonal case, and a glass bottle. Although the provenance of these artifacts are unknown, the three pieces are believed to comprise a set. An inscription on the inside of the lid of the rectangular case reads “Second year of shenlong” (神龍), revealing that the case was produced in 706 CE. The presence of the exact production date, along with the overall scarcity of this type of artifact, makes this reliquary set an invaluable treasure for researchers and connoisseurs alike.

Unified Silla, 706
Gilt bronze, glass
Hexagonal case: H 9.4cm, Rectangular case: H 6.0cm, Glass bottle: H 3.4cm