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A Passage through Korean Abstraction

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Work 64-513

Work 64-513Cho Yong-ik(1934- )


Beginning with his involvement with the Modern Artists Association which was at the forefront of the Korean art informel movement in the late 1950s, Cho Yong-ik became a key participant in various avant-garde exhibitions. In the 1970s, his practice revolved around dansaekhwa(Korean monochrome painting) and its pursuit of a spirituality rooted in East Asian traditions. Dating to the 1960s, this representative work reflects the crisis and chaos of the aftermath of the Korean War and exudes the dynamism of art informel. Bold colors were not typically characteristic of Korean art informel works during this time, but this work presents a tense contrast between the saturated red background and the looming black forms.

Oil on canvas
145.5 x 112 cm