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A Passage through Korean Abstraction

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  • Dancers
  • Untitled 31-III-70 #162
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DancersSuh Se Ok(1929- )


A painter of the post-liberation generation, Suh Se Ok made groundbreaking contributions to contemporary Korean ink painting. He formed the Ink Forest Society in 1960 and engaged in radical abstraction through the traditional medium of ink. Following the 1970s, Suh combined calligraphy and abstract forms in ink and steadfastly devoted himself to his “Human” series, which includes this painting entitled Dancers. The human heads and bodies are reduced into circles and lines, respectively, as the figures come together in rows and join shoulders to form a net-like structure that represents a community of humans. Variations in the saturation and thickness of the ink lines resonate with the rhythmical, free-flowing movement of the dancing bodies, culminating in a balance with the contrasting white background.

Ink on paper
162 x 262 cm