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View of Onjong-riLee Dae-won


The subject of Lee Dae-won’s work is Onjong-ri, a village located at the foot of Mt. Geumgangsan and a famous vacation spot during the Japanese ruling era. The artist visited Mt. Geumgangsan for the first time one vacation when he was a freshman in university and ended up staying in the village. Lee created this painting based on his impressions of the village. The peaceful landscape, where small buildings surround the Onjong-ri Station, appears in contrast with the imposing mountain terrain in the background. Lee also captured the subjective impression of the landscape using thick lines and strong colors. At the same time, he ignored perspective and painted Mt. Geumgangsan close to the village because he valued the effect created by adjacent colors. This kind of approach was one feature of Lee’s landscape paintings that continued well into the later period of his career.

Oil on canvas