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A Passage through Korean Abstraction

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  • Untitled 31-III-70 #162
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Untitled 31-III-70 #162

Untitled 31-III-70 #162Kim Whanki(1913-1974)


In 1963, at the age of 60, Kim Whanki moved to New York, which marks a watershed moment in his artistic trajectory. His work shifted away from mountains, the moon, and porcelain jars in abstract form to pure abstraction, most notably during the 1970s when he began to use his own method of pointillism. As seen in this painting, Kim’s canvases from this period are thoroughly filled in with countless dots of varied saturation. Order and chance coexist on the beautifully rendered surface. In his studio in New York, Kim painstakingly marked each dot by hand, as if he were counting the stars in the sky while longing for his homeland and friends. His early pointillism paintings had a formidable impact on the Korean art world and the birth of 1970s dansaekhwa(Korean monochrome painting).

Oil on canvas
212 x 148 cm