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  • Celadon Plate
  • Buncheong Flattened Bottle
  • Buncheong Bottle
  • Blue and White Porcelain Bottle
  • Blue and White Porcelain Jar
Celadon Plate

Celadon PlateԶ


Very few rectangular celadon plates like this one have survived, making this a precious artifact. But beyond its scarcity, this plate stands out for its exceptional inlaid design of a bird perched on a tree branch, which is reminiscent of a painting. To create this elegant design with a stable composition, the branches and flowers were inlaid first, followed by the bird. The inlaid design is perfectly accentuated by the celadon glaze, conveying the sensation of looking at a painting of a bird and flowers against a background of blue sky.

Goryeo Dynasty, 13th century
National Treasure No.1447