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  • Buncheong Bottle
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Buncheong Flattened Bottle

Buncheong Flattened Bottle粉靑沙器彫花折枝文扁甁


To make this type of bottle, a regular round bottle was first made on the potter’s wheel, and then two sides were flattened with tapping, allowing the potter to control the flatness or roundness of the bottle. Although it has been flattened, the bottle still retains a relatively round shape, conveying a generous and voluptuous sensibility. The two sides of the bottle are decorated with etchings of silver grass, while the front and back surfaces feature interesting designs of lotus flowers, in which several flowers are tied together but spread out all directions.

Joseon Dynasty, 15th century
H 20.5 cm, D 5.0cm (mouth), 8.3cm (base)
National Treasure No.1229