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White Porcelain Jar1

Blue and White Porcelain Bottle靑華白磁雲龍文甁


Only two such bottles decorated with the design of a dragon, which were produced in the early Joseon period, having been found thus far. The lip of this bottle is flared like a trumpet, and it has a narrow neck and round body. This is typical of white porcelain produced in the early Joseon period, which is characterized by a clean, elegant style that bespeaks of dignity and discipline. The dragon is rendered in deep cobalt blue pigment. It is shown in the cloud playing with a talisman-pearl with its claws standing sharp and whiskers fluttering in the wind. The quality of painting suggests that it was done by a professional court painter. This piece is representative of the highest quality white porcelain made.

Joseon Dynasty, 15th century
White Clay
H. 21.5cm
Treasure No.786