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Metallurgy: Great Wisdom

  • Crown and Ornaments
  • Dragon-Headed Banner Staff
  • Incense Burner
  • Roof Ornament in the Shape of a Dragon Head
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Crown and Ornaments

Crown and Ornaments


Unfortunately, the exact circumstances of the discovery of this important crown are unknown, thus its original appearance can only be assumed. Nonetheless, as one of the only two extant crowns from the Great Gaya Kingdom of Goryeong in North Gyeongsang Province, this crown and the numerous gold pieces, which most likely served as ornaments, are an invaluable source of study of a culture which still remains much of a mystery to modern scholars. The gold crown is composed of two parts : upright standards and a floral-shaped diadem which resembles those of Silla crowns. The four standards are distinctively of a Gaya style. They are plant-shaped with three pairs of right angled branches curving downward and are topped with jewel-shaped finals, as opposed to those of Silla crowns, which are trident-shaped in the front and antler-shaped in the back. The diadem measures 3.6cm in width and is bordered by bands of punched dots containing a diamond motif, with circular gold plates and jade pendants hanging from tiny hooks. As the pendants have been restored, their current positions can only be assumed to be correct. The surfaces of the four standards are decorated with a similar dot motif.

Gaya, 5th-6th century
Gold and jade
H 11.5, D 20.7cm, L 7.5-10.2cm
National Treasure No. 138