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Metallurgy: Great Wisdom

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  • My/Our Country
My/Our Country

My/Our CountryDo Ho Suh (1962-)


As an exploration of the identity of the individual within a collective culture, Do Ho Suh’s My/Our Country is a geographical map of the Korean peninsula filled tightly with more than 23,000 miniature figurines measuring 1.5 cm high, making each figure extremely difficult to identify as a distinct individual. While the anonymity of individuals within a collective society is one important theme addressed here, Suh also draws attention to the sense of belonging that the collective culture of Korea provides to each member. As a depiction of the complex relationship between the individual and the collective, My/Our Country poses questions about the changes and transformations that occur in national culture as its members experience the constant state of oscillation between individuality and collectivity.

137 x 194.3 x 8 cm