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Kaleidoscope EyesLoading of the AR works may take time depending on weather and lighting conditions.

  • Kaleidoscope Eyes
  • Bjarne Melgaard, Light Bulb Man Dressed as Les Sapeurs
  • Julie Curtiss, Lune
  • Nina Chanel Abney, Imaginary Friend
  • Ho Tzu Nyen, Language
  • Marvelous Rainbow + Octo with Ostrich Egg

Kaleidoscope Eyes


Kaleidoscope Eyes, an Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition held at Hoam Museum of Art and Leeum Museum of Art, presents AR works conceived by internationally acclaimed artists against a backdrop of structures and gardens created by world-renown architects and masters of traditional Korean landscape design. The exhibition presents 38 AR works by 16 artists, including Nina Chanel Abney, Darren Bader, Marco Brambilla, Julie Curtiss, Olafur Eliasson, Cao Fei, Ho Tzu Nyen, KAWS, Koo Jeong A, Alicja Kwade, Lee Bul, Lu Yang, Bjarne Melgaard, Precious Okoyomon, David Shrigley, Tomas Saraceno. Kaleidoscope Eyes also unveils Lee Bul's new AR work, Willing To Be Vulnerable - Metallized Balloon Ver. AR22 (2022), commissioned by Leeum Museum of Art on the occasion of the exhibition. Inspiring artists and visitors to traverse the borders between the real and virtual worlds, while interacting and communicating through the newest technological medium, the exhibition will provide an opportunity to imagine a future of infinite possibilities and challenge our preconceptions of engaging with art.