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Past Exhibitions

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  • AR Exhibition
  • Great Wisdom
  • Korean Abstraction
  • Wood Furniture
  • Folk Paintings
  • Buddhist Art
  • Ceramics

Kaleidoscope EyesLoading of the AR works may take time depending on weather and lighting conditions.

  • Kaleidoscope Eyes
  • Bjarne Melgaard, Light Bulb Man Dressed as Les Sapeurs
  • Julie Curtiss, Lune
  • Nina Chanel Abney, Imaginary Friend
  • Ho Tzu Nyen, Language
  • Marvelous Rainbow + Octo with Ostrich Egg
Ho Tzu Nyen, Language

Ho Tzu Nyen, Language, 2022, augmented realityCourtesy of Ho Tzu Nyen and Acute Art.


Language stages a number of theoretical texts produced by Japanese intellectuals of the Kyoto school during the 1930s and 1940s.