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Experiencing beauty and value of Korea that transcend time Relax and enjoy beauty and value of Korea through out Korean traditional art and nature

Ho-Am Art Museum opened on April 22, 1982 and this private museum was founded as the
permanent home of the Korean traditional works of art collected over a period of about three
decades by Lee Byung-chull, the founder of the Samsung Group, whose pseudonym was

Respecting the objectives for which Lee established this museum to contribute to the
encouragement of the Korean people to be engaged in creative cultural endeavors and to
function as an educational matrix where they can be more enlightened on their own culture,
the Museum aims to help visitors of all kinds and all ages such as children, adults, students
and professionals understand and recognize the importance of cultivating and nourishing
creative capacities for the future by offering diverse opportunities to experience Korean
traditional art and gain insights into history and art history.

With the opening of the Museum’s annex, Hee Won, which is a Korean traditional Garden,
in 1997, the Museum lets visitors to enjoy Korean aesthetics through not only artworks but
traditional Korean landscaping as well. It is hoped that visitors can relax their bodies and
minds in this tranquil environment of the Museum grounds fostered by Korean traditional
art works and landscaping and located not far from the bustling downtown while being
immersed in Korean aesthetics and values that transcends time and space.

Ho-Am Art Museum

  • Construction Period: January 15, 1976 to May 19, 1978
  • Gross Area: 4165㎡
  • Designed and supervised by Joongang Engineering
  • Begin Construction Date: July 19, 1976
  • Contractors: Keumho E&C, ShinilStone Inc., Jeongwoo Inc., Daehoon Inc., Nakwoon Metal Inc., and Joongang Engineering

Hee won

  • Construction Period: March 1996 to May 1997 (Opened on May 23, 1997)
  • Gross Area: 66446㎡
  • Designed and supervised by SuhAn Landscaping
  • Construction Management by Samsung C&T
  • Landscaping by Landscaping Department, Samsung Everland