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Discovering the Museum

Ho-Am Art Museum and Hee Won epitomize the aesthetics of classic Korean garden while the inside and outside of their walls harmoniously orchestrate themselves to exude a invitingly amicable and relaxing ambience in which visitors can allow themselves to nestle. Especially, Lakeside Square and Stonework Path located along the lake in front of the Museum building attract many families to indulge in their quality family time together.

  • Gam Ho(new window)
  • Stonework Path(new window)
  • Bohwamun(new window)
  • Plum Tree Grove(new window)
  • Garden Walk(new window)
  • Small Garden(new window)
  • Kwaneum Pavilion(new window)
  • Main Garden(new window)
  • Lotus Pond(new window)
  • Hoam Pavilion(new window)
  • Stream Valley(new window)
  • Tea House(new window)
  • Flower Wall(new window)
  • Yangdae(new window)
  • Waldae(new window)
  • Eupcheongmun(new window)
  • Rear Garden(new window)
  • Hyunmotap(new window)
  • Dabotap(new window)
  • Ho-Am Art Museum(new window)

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